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We want to make your experience as simple and easy as possible. Please read over these frequently asked questions so you can be more prepared during the process.


What is the timeline for most projects?

As soon as we receive a written request form, we send out our site inspector. Please see #2 for more info on that. After a site inspection is complete and we have the necessary info, an estimate is sent to our customer. If you are working with a manufactured home dealership, all information about pricing goes to them since they are acting as our direct customer. If you are paying Full House directly, estimates will be sent to you. Upon acceptance of the estimate, we can begin the process. Your project may include some or all of these things listed below. Typically, this is our procedure-there are always exceptions!

Before the home is delivered…

  1. Lot prep – clearing, preparing for dirt pad. 1-2 days
  2. Dirt Pad – this may include taking dirt from the property or bringing in dirt. This depends on many factors including project budget, how much material is needed to create adequate drainage, and home owner’s preference. 1-2 days
  3. Septic Permit Process begins
  4. Home owner needs to contact local water and electric companies to get their service installation started
  5. Concrete Foundation – Depending on financing, this may include FHA inspections and termite treatment. 1 day (We are at the mercy of the concrete companies when it comes to getting on their schedule. Please be patient!)

After home is delivered and set…

  1. Hookups – Electric pole set and wires run, water pipes installed to meter. 1-2 days
  2. Septic installed and hooked up to house, inspected. 1 week from install to inspection
  3. Driveway laid down and culvert installed (if needed). This is typically the last item so that heavy trucks don’t mess it up. Might be the first thing done if the property doesn’t have adequate entry. 1-2 days


What happens during a site inspection?

Full House will send out our site inspector as soon as we have a signed request form. Our site inspector does exactly what his title suggests. He inspects the site – ONLY. In order for him to do his job effectively, please have four stakes set in the location where the home is to be placed prior to inspection. Our inspector will get directions to the property and set up a time to meet with the home owner. He checks for the distance of utilities, the elevation of the property, looks for any trees that might be in the way. He tests the soil type for septic installation, he documents any notes that will assist our crews in the future. There is a checklist that he goes by on every job regardless of what services we have been asked to perform. Site evaluations are done Monday through Friday and may take up to two hours, so please allow our inspector time to work and plan accordingly.

Our site inspector does NOT:

  1. Offer opinions on home placement or stake the property.
  2. Offer estimated prices on services.
  3. Set dates for projects to begin.
  4. Make promises on behalf the home retailer/builder.
  5. Contact the utility companies on behalf of the home owner.


How will the weather affect my project?​

Rain, it’s curse and a blessing. When Texas experiences rain, the soil reacts in various ways (maybe because it’s not used to it). Recently, we have experienced so much rain that it has caused high levels of damage everywhere. This presents issues for everyone and will cause delays. We will not risk our trucks and equipment getting stuck. Towing bills are very expensive, they take more time and cause more delays.

How do I know if my property is too wet?

Stand on the house site and march in place. If water surfaces, the property is too wet.

If you don’t want to drive your car across it, the property is too wet.

If your truck leaves ruts, the property is too wet.

If it is raining…you get the point!

Sunshine does not equate to dryness. Many people think that the sun shining for a couple hours after the rain means it is “dry” outside. Remember: soil holds water! It might take days of consistant sunshine and wind to completely dry out a piece of land enough for a heavy house or concrete truck to enter. As much as we would like to get back to work, Full House must be smart about where we send our crews.

During the hotter months, we try to get our crews out early so they are not working in the Texas heat.

During the cold months, we have to wait until the ground thaws out before we can dig.


Dirt Settles. What should I expect?

In a perfect world, every job site would stay exactly as pristine as we left it. However, in reality, dirt settles and rain washes it away if there is no grass to hold it in place. Do not be surprised in the coming weeks after your installation if there is a sunken spot over your septic tanks or any underground utilities. This is a fact of life and one of the responsibilities of home ownership. A small amount of dirt shoveled onto the location is a quick and cheap fix. If Full House is called back out to the property for normal soil settling, we do charge a trip fee. If you have substantial amounts of soil washing away, we can fix the problem.

One of the best things you can do as a homeowner is plant grass. The roots of the grass will assist in holding the soil in place and help your property recover from all the work.


Who do I contact for prices?

All estimates must be in writing. Any changes or verbal agreements must be put into writing before they are valid. If a home retailer is involved, all prices will be sent to the retailer for review and financing purposes, as they are technically our customer. If you are paying Full House directly and not going through a lender for financing, estimates will be sent directly to the home owner. Our site inspector does not give prices. Our crews do not give prices. All prices/estimates/changes must go through the office at 903.279.8107.


Why doesn’t it look like the pictures I saw online?

This may come as a shock, but just because Google said it, doesn’t make it true. Images and articles on the internet can make anyone believe they are an “expert”. Please keep in mind that Full House has actual, real-world, in-the-field, experience. We do this for a living. We are the experts and professionals. We work the machinery, we know the soil, we know the regulations and laws and what it takes to pass State inspections. We know how this works in the real world because we do it Monday to Friday, all year long. Trust our experience – not the Internet.