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Voyles Land Services strives to give our customers the best products and services we can offer! Check out all of our current offerings below!!!


Concrete Runner Foundations

If you’re purchasing a new manufactured or modular home, be sure to secure your investment with a foundation professionally designed for your home.


FHA Concrete Runner Foundations

Every home needs a solid concrete foundation. FHA Financing requires each manufactured/modular home to be anchored in concrete that extends below the frostline. Voyles Land Services can install a professionally engineered foundation for your new home and provide all the paperwork and inspections necessary for FHA financing.

Designed by a professional engineer, our runner foundations set the industry standard. The runners create a railroad-track effect underneath your new manufactured or modular home. Foundations help guard against damage done by the natural settling of the home.

12″/14″ Deep

12″/14″ Wide

8′ on centers

Extended to the edge of the home

Perimeters optional

FHA designed and inspected

Dirt Pads

Dirt Pads 


Voyles Land Services is extremely experienced in a variety of dirt pads: manufactured homes, on site builds, modular homes, and more!




Voyles Land Services can create crushed limestone driveways as well as recycled asphalt.

Dirt Work

Dirt Work 

Voyles Land Services can prepare your property for your new home be it manufactured, modular, or stick-built. From clearing trees and brush, removing existing structures, and creating a house pad with proper drainage…we’ve got you covered!

We correct drainage, erosion, prepare for driveways, foundations, culverts, stock ponds, and so many more.

Voyles Land Services adheres to the regulations for state approved positive drainage work on manufactured and modular homes!


Photo Gallery of services

This was an erosion issue outside of a client’s home. The before picture, the after is the next graphic.

This is the after picture of when Voyles Land Services corrected the erosion issue. The next graphic is a merging of the before and after.

Here are the before and after graphics of the erosion issue together for a dramatic picture!

Dirt work and a dirt pad.

Crushed limestone driveway. We also can create recycled asphalt driveways and culverts.

Perimeter foundation for a manufactured home.

Runner foundation for a manufactured home.

Off-frame foundation for a modular home.