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Ready to get your project started? Make sure you fill out this paperwork to begin: VLS Project Request Form OR VLS MODULAR Project Request Form

Questions?? Please check out FAQ page or read below!


Download these editable PDF forms.

Fill out all information that applies right in the PDF.

SAVE the completed form to your computer. If you do not save your information to the document, it will email as a blank form.

THEN email to directly from Adobe or as an attachment from your email program.

For ALL foundation requests: attach an i-beam schematic of the home. We WILL NOT install the foundation without it!

Manufactured Home

This form is for RETAILERS seeking an estimate on services for MANUFACTURED homes or for DIRT WORK.

Modular Home

This form is for RETAILERS seeking an estimate on services for MODULAR homes.


VLS Construction Information

  • All projects, including cash-pay customers, must submit a project information sheet as found on our website under Paperwork.
  • Foundation installations REQUIRE i-beam schematics. Customers must provide this to VLS prior to construction.
  • All job sites are subject to a site inspection for estimating purposes. VLS will coordinate this with the homeowner.
    • VLS site inspector MAY: take measurements, take pictures, offer professional opinions or estimated time frame, offer APPROXIMATE costs. *Verbal prices are not final unless presented in a formal written estimate. ALL estimates go to retailer- if applicable.*
    • VLS site inspector may NOT: stake the home site, require homeowner to adhere to his advice, schedule construction, make promises on behalf of VLS, retailers, or other contractors.
  • If VLS arrives at a job site and is unable to perform scheduled work due to errors or miscommunications by customer/homeowner/other contractors, we reserve the right to charge a $150 “Dry Run” fee. We do everything we can to avoid Dry Runs. i.e. if homeowner does their own dirt work and it’s unacceptable for foundation installation, debris from previous home is left on site of new home, cash customer does not bring payment the day of construction, etc.
  • Weather plays a huge part in construction. Conditions that are too wet, too dry, or too cold must be taken into account when scheduling. Please be advised- we can’t control the weather or the toll it takes on your property.
  • After completion, VLS is NOT responsible for alterations/damages/destruction of our work by other contractors or third parties during home deliver or utility installation.


    • Sign & return estimates to indicate acceptance.
    • All invoices are due on the Friday of the following week from the invoice date. Payment for completed work is due regardless of closings, fundings, or installation delays by other contractors or homeowners, etc. All overdue invoices are subject to added interest.
    • New projects will not begin if any retailer has two or more open invoices for other projects.


    • Homeowners MUST sign the estimate to indicate acceptance. Prices will not be negotiated after construction begins and all changes must be in writing to be valid.
    • COD indicates that payment will be made BEFORE construction begins. VLS crews will not being construction until we have proof of payment. All jobs are scheduled and coordinated with the homeowner in advance. “Forgetting the checkbook” may result in delays and Dry Run fees. 
    • VLS accepts: cash, checks/cashiers checks, and CC. (all CC/PayPal transactions will incur a 3%  transaction fee)

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